About company

In brief –«V.A.T. Logistics Ukraine» PC and «Intertradetrans» LLC are the Ukrainian followers of Dutch group of companies VAT Logistics.
Experience and professionalism of our employees allows to organize shipments to the shortest terms  under capable and attractive rates.

Our specialization:

Automobile transportation:

DSC06279- Our specialization:
Motor transportation transportations:
- Automobile transportations by any types of motor transport - trucks from 82 to 120м3; Weekly we send from 50 to 80 trucks from Europe to Ukraine, the CIS country and back;

- Modular cargoes - delivery in any point of Ukraine, Russia and Belarus.
- Delivery of dangerous cargoes, and also the cargoes demanding special temperature modes;

- Services of a customs carrier;
- Transportations of bulky goods - transportations of road-building agricultural machinery, the equipment and components. The annual volume makes 550-600 units;

- Transportations of bulky goods in special containers (Flat Rack) Open Top, etc.)

The cargo terminal. Intermodal and Ocean Freight:                                                                           

- At your order more than 100 thousand in sq. m. of our warehouses in the Netherlands and the countries of Europe, and also presence Warehouse of time storage, Customs-license warehouse and reserve warehouses of our partners in Ukraine that allows to carry out a wide spectrum of services of a various direction:

- Storage and transfer of general cargoes from one type of transport on another;

-  Storage and processing of the cargoes which are under customs control on Customs-license warehouse and Warehouse of time storage;

- Loading and an unloading of large-capacity containers;

- A complete set of carload and auto train consignments;

- Transportation of oversized and heavyweight cargos;

- Export. A complex of services in container transportations grain (giving, railway and truck transportation, processing / in bulk or packed / from cars/cars in the container, storage on the terminal, samplings, laboratory researches of samples, fumigation, grain decontamination in containers in terminal territory, certification of food and fodder cultures.

- Port forwarding in Odessa/Illichevsk.                   

With pleasure we will answer all your questions and we’ll help to satisfy your transport requirements for the shortest terms.
We hope for mutual interest and in expectation of your inquiries.


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