Air Freight

Cargo air transportation – the fastest way of delivery of goods, and for successful development of any business, as we know, time is decisive factor. Company "V.A.T. Logistics Ukraine" has experience of air transportation area (both export, and import), is engaged in registration of necessary documents and is capable to organize optimum conditions for fast international transportation of goods.

Main objective is implementation of the international freight air transportation in the shortest terms and at the minimum cost. For this purpose we have the qualified employees, the agency agreements, the adjusted cooperation with partners abroad. Tariffs of air transportation, which are offered by our company, have flexibility and democratic character therefore many clients prefer to cooperate with us on a constant basis.

           Company "V.A.T. Logistics Ukraine" offers the following services in the sphere of cargo air transportation:

  • delivery "from a door to a door"
  • air transportation of oversized goods
  • air transportation of dangerous goods
  • air transportation of the freights, demanding particular temperature treatments
  • registration of customs documents
  • forwarding of goods and warehouse services

The geography of the air transportation which are carried out by our company, covers all globe, we provide import export-services from an every point of the world, also delivery of goods between the third countries.

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