Oversize transportation

Services "V.A.T. Logistics Ukraine" include equipment transportation, work with non-standard projects, development of optimal logistic decisions, creation of the scheme of delivery, selection of specialized transport, coordination of routes of transportation of not dimensions and many other things. The company carries out transportation of any complexity according to the most effective scheme:

  • industrial equipment,
  • agricultural machinery,
  • road-building equipment,
  • boiler equipment,
  • tanks for the food industry,
  • press equipment,
  • drilling rigs,
  • oversized capacities for the oil processing enterprises,
  • ready factory lines

            Transportation of such freights is specific branch of transportation where knowledge and experience in this kind of activity is necessary. Company "V.A.T. Logistics Ukraine" will provide you the help in the organization the inside Ukrainian and international oversized transport of your freights. Transportation by the motor transport includes the following services:

  • development of a route, delivery terms of not dimensions, oversized and heavy freights;
  • consultation, help in a choice of optimal ways of delivery;
  • project logistics;
  • use of system of tracking freight movement, informing on its exact location at any stage of transportation;
  • the offer of alternative opportunities of transportation of oversized with use of railway, road, sea, ferry and river transport;
  • granting special trucks;
  • obtaining permissions and necessary coordination;
  • organization of maintenance of oversized and heavy transport;
  • inspection of a route of transportation;
  • dismantle and installation of road infrastructure for journey of specialized transport.

We provide a wide choice of vehicles for transportation of oversized goods to any country, our trucks deliver your freight in the right place and in due time in the shortest terms. Our approach to each client is individual and we seek to create the most optimal route for our client with the less time and financial expenditure for it.

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