Dangerous Goods

Company "V.A.T. Logistics Ukraine" carries out transportation and delivery of dangerous freights. Dangerous freights represent such substances and subjects which in transit, storage, performance of various reloading works there can be a cause of the fire, damages of trucks, warehouses, buildings, to cause explosion, and also can lead to death, there can be the reason of burns, poisonings, radiations, various diseases of people and animals. In total nine classes of dangerous freights are. In the first class explosive materials and subjects are collected, the second class joins the gases compressed, liquefied and dissolved under pressure, the third class — easily flammable liquids, the fourth class collected in itself easily flammable strong substances, in the fifth class included oxidizing substances, the sixth class is toxic agents, the seventh class collected infectious substances, in the eighth class corrosion substances and at last in the ninth class – other dangerous substances were collected.

        For the all time our company proved as the reliable and favorable partner, who is capable to assist in transportation of dangerous freights. Certainly, for decrease in risk of transportation of dangerous freights allowing documents, high qualification of the personnel, existence and knowledge of modern technologies of transportation, existence of the modern and specialized equipment are required. All this is present at our company.

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