In Ukraine diesel fuel can rise in price considerably

The ministry looks for new ways of increase in revenues to repair and a construction of roads.

As told yesterday to the newspaper the Kommersant Ukraine the head of committee of the Verkhovna Rada concerning transport and communications Boris Kolesnikov brought this week in Rada the bill "About Modification of Some Acts of Ukraine concerning Creation of the State Road Fund" provides a number of initiatives which will allow to increase the funds allocated for repair of roads to 40 billion UAH (today is spent by 17,4 billion UAH). According to him, the document assumes introduction of a uniform rate of a duty on gasolines and diesel fuel of 198 euros for ton. Let's remind, now the duty rate on gasoline makes 198 euros for ton whereas on diesel fuel it depending on the content of sulfur fluctuates within 46-98 euros for ton.

Mister Kolesnikov explained that today the difference in a duty is used for abuses when the excise is paid on the minimum rate or there is a substitution of one type of oil product by another. He noted that prime cost of diesel fuel is lower, than prime cost of gasoline, and the price almost same and therefore growth of a rate of a duty can not lead to a sharp rise in price of fuel in the market.

According to Boris Kolesnikov, the bill also suggests to accumulate means of the specified fund on accounts of the state banks - Oshchadbank or Ukreksimbank, but not on accounts of the State treasury. Otherwise these means will be used for designated purpose again, he explained. "While it only an initiative to adopt this bill, it is necessary to put a lot of effort", - mister Kolesnikov declared.

The ministry approved on November 13 the bill "About Modification of Some Acts of Ukraine concerning Creation of the State Road Fund". The document, in particular, added the list of sources of financing of works on construction and repair of roads. Besides receipts from a duty and import duty for oil products, a duty and import duty with imported on the customs territory of Ukraine of vehicles and tires, the State road fund it will be able to be filled with assignments from payment of journey by trucks.

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