Changes in admissions of carriers to international transport

The ministry of the income and collecting suggests to establish criteria of the admission of automobile carriers to international transport of freights with application of the book of the international road transport (IRT) and conditions for guarantee association. Besides, guarantors who will be able to provide customs payment when moving goods by transit, will make insurance companies. Experts assume that emergence of such amendments is connected with new rules in Russia which any more doesn't recognize MDP book.

On November 14 Mindokhodov published changes in the Customs code on improvement of administrative services and the mechanism of guarantees of ensuring payment of customs duties. Officials suggest to fix legislatively conditions of the admission of carriers of the international freights, containers for movement of goods and vehicles, and also the guarantee association issuing books of MDP on the basis of the relevant convention. Issue of the certificate will provide the container and car admission to international transport. The carrier will have to have experience of international transport and a stable financial position. Guarantee association which will acquire the right to issue of books of MDP (now them is given out by Association of the international automobile carriers of Ukraine; АсМАП), will have to have the insurance contract in the international system of guarantees, electronic system of accumulation and exchange of information with Mindokhodov, not to have debts to budgets and special sanctions within the law "About Foreign Economic Activity".

In ASMAPE note that these rules are now regulated by MDP convention, and rules of access of carriers — internal documents of ASMAP.

Besides, Mindokhodov suggests to provide to insurance companies the status of the guarantor of providing customs payment when moving transit freights.  For this purpose they, besides the license which shouldn't have stopped within the last three years, are obliged be profitable for the same period and not to have debts.  Now banks and financial intermediaries have such right.  For them it is offered to reconsider criteria of access to guaranteeing system:  need of existence of electronic system of exchange of information will be excluded from conditions and authorized representatives at all check points.  Banks won't need to form in full a monetary reserve for compensation of possible losses.

Now insurance companies can work through financial intermediaries.  As it is a question of big risks, volumes of payments can be considerable.

However, among insurance companies these changes won't cause an agiotage as many companies have few experience in this insurance. Risks have to be reinsured, and the overcautious person assumes such obligations, only if understands original terms of the contract. As experience such isn't present, such insurance won't occupy a big share of payments. Factors the condition of lack of losses that in present economic conditions it is difficult to reach will be constraining also. From about 450 insurers only 50 are profitable.

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